I Like It


I like it when the room gets rich
with Presence, like a great wine
that's been cellared, and uncorked
enters air for the first time in years

&&&&&&&&&&ss.& one senses
&&&&&&&&&&ss.nnnnnnnnnntttttttttttttthe King
&&&&&&&&&&ss.nnnnnnnnnnttttttttttttthh.hhhh.has returned...

I like it when the Love Energy enters your face
and ageless, it dissolves
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllbut the Essential you...

I like it when natural vow-making
enters, exalts the heart
&&&&&&&&&..&&,....& sacrifice ... seems
&&&&&&&&&..&&,....,like the kinkiest pleasure!

And though it's simple, I like it
when you tell me you love me
for there are times I need reassurance
and then, can't hear it enough