Gary Rosenthal

Gary Rosenthal has worked as a Fire Lookout Ranger in the White Mountains
of New Hampshire, lived for a number of years as a Zen monastic, and spent ten
years running a charter fishing boat off the California Coast. He lives in the San
Francisco Bay Area where he supports himself as a psychotherapist in private
practice, having received his initial training at the C.G. Jung Institute-Zurich.
He is the former poetry editor of Blind Donkey, one of the West's oldest Buddhist
literary journals, and has taught as a poet in Berkeley, California Schools.

In addition to having authored The You That Is Everywhere, selections from two
of his collections have been anthologized in Parallax Press' What Book!? - Buddha
Poems from Beat to Hiphop
, an American Book Award winner for 1999. The title
poem from one of Gary's forthcoming books ( "Yes") has recently been
anthologized in a collection of spiritual writing entitled 365 Nirvana Here and Now:
living every moment in enlightenment
(published by Element Books). The title poem
from another of Gary's forthcoming poetry collections, "The Musuem of the Lord
of Shame,"
is currently available as a chapbook from Point Bonita Books, as is an
audio tape of Gary's opening address to the 2000 International Enneagram
Conference, entitled "Love and the Poetic Tradition."

He is currently finishing a prose work on the goddess Persephone, and her
relevance for our time.




Gary can be reached by emailing him at



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