Going out --- or
coming back
from the sea ---
it is Point
Bonita and its
lighthouse ---
not the more famous landmark, Golden Gate
Bridge that marks the true entrance into either
San Francisco Bay---or open ocean ...

Immediately beyond Point Bonita, seaward, lies the
infamous "Potato Patch" (Four Fathom Bank) ---
where silt deposited for millennia by the Bay & its
inland tributaries has formed a shallow bar (in
places only four fathoms deep) subject to extreme
tidal turbulence ...

Many ships have sailed around the world only to go
down here. And when the bar is breaking, the
fishing fleet will approach Point Bonita before
making its determination, whether it is possible to
get out at all ...

Point Bonita is thus a liminal space in the physical
and archetypal geography of this region. From
this Point, one will journey into an increasing
sense of danger, adventure, or homecoming ...

From here, passage through invisible depths and
channels will be granted or denied --- all based on
elemental forces, largely beyond our control ...

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