Where Our Gifts Lie

Do you think
this is
possible --

that God
would play
a trick,

& hide
not only

but many
of the soul's
gifts and desires?

And then--
with impeccable

place them
behind wounds,
our deepest fears ...

Maybe that's why
they say
the Pearl Beyond Price
in the jaws of a dragon,
last place
any ego
would ever choose to visit!

They, who are always
saying something
like that,

Say that the Holy One
entrusted the Koran
to Mohammed, in part because
he could neither read nor write,

Entrusted the Israelites
to a leader, but first
gave Moses
a speech impediment

What desert
did he have to pass thru
each time
he opened his mouth?

What did he have to trust in?

And thru what desert
what debility
what drama
what dramaxmust we pass

to claim
where our
gifts lie?