It's Not Enough To Ask For Help


xxxxxxxxxYou performed ritual
xxxxxxxxx magic
xxxxxxxxx ... asking like that ...
xxxxx & the asking must have been pure,
xxxxxxxxx steeped with longing ...

-- a beautiful woman
-- in her heart
-- longing from the core
xxxx -- not even God could refuse that one!

So almost at once -- uncanny,
the Mystery places your request
xxxx right in front of your face

xxxxAnd now you want
xxxx to agonize a decision?

xxxxxx What will the Mystery think
xxxxxx next time you send up
xxxxxx one of your balloons?

xxxx Under the talons of imperial Rome
xxxx a people yearn for a prophet, a guide

and miracle of miracles:
he appears -- but it almost never looks
like we think it will
xx -- you know this story ...
xxxxx & some are still waiting!

xxxxx Bad poems often have a moral:

xxxxx It's not enough to ask for help,
xxxxx for what your heart truly desires

xxxxxx you must be faithful
xxxxxx when the change has come


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