What The Body Remembers


                              There are gestures
                              which must surely come
                              from the l2th Century

                                                                      -- my body remembers them...

                             The l2th Century
                             when Romantic Love
                             first entered the West
                             -- heart time of troubadours...

                             And I too feel a certain kind of love
                              entering my heart for the first time...

                                             -- though this is not exactly true
                                             there was a girl ...
                                                                        her name was Camiliar Buckley
                                              it was raining.  It was l956, and I waited --

                                                   (in the Love of the l2th Century, one is always
                                                               & in the time of waiting,
                                                               the time of being apart
                                                               from the Beloved -- that,s when many
                                                               of the purest feelings come

                         I waited
                         for Camiliar Buckley to emerge from 2nd grade
                         so I could carry her over a mud puddle,
                         throw my jacket down before her feet

                                                      & I did

Waking up this morning,
thinking of seeing you next
I see myself taking your hand
& dropping to my knees, an instinctive worship
the body somehow remembers to do

                     -- these gestures seem a bit hokey
                     in the 2Oth Century

                                          -- but they are pure
                                                                            I assure you